For Posting's Sake

I have nothing particular in my mind on which to discourse; but, for posting's sake, let's see what I can do...

I'll start with the fact that I got stung by a flippin' yellow jacket this morning. I have been absolutely terrified since childhood of being stung by a wasp (in Texas, wasps are Yellow Jackets). Today, I found that my fears were COMPLETELY justified! It hurt a whole stinkin' lot!!! Those guys are mean. He wanted to hurt me. He was a centurion posted to guard the nest, I think, and boy did he do his job! I'm not going out my side door until that nest is dead and completely obliterated. They've built a nest inside some little opening into the outside wall of the house behind the electricity meter. SCARY. I listened to the wall on the inside, and I can hear them scittering around in there. I'm seriously paralyzed with the fear that they are going to chew through the wall and come in here. Brendan said that happened to his uncle's house once. So, yeah, I'm calling an exterminator later. I'm not messing around with these little pricks (pun intended).

A yellow jacket sting is about the last thing I can think of that Ezra needs right now. Kid just got over a double ear infection, and his eye teeth and some bottom molars are beginning to grow. I feel so sad for him. However, I've been praising God for his mercies and goodness to us in placing us in a time and city where any medicine he needs is at our fingertips. Ezra has 8 ear infections this year with his left ear taking most of the hits. As far as we can tell, his hearing has not been damaged. Ezra is so genial that the slightest crabbiness of mood has, thus far in his life, indicated that he is in pain. I've caught them all very early, so he's not had to deal with any ruptures. Thank, God! In my prayers for Ezra's health, I've really been also praying for the many children in the world who may be ear-infection-prone like him. This many childhood infections could lead to so many very serious problems if left unchecked and untreated. We here are so obsessed with our children's perfect health (as well we should be), but we so often forget to be thankful and to try to help those who don't have what we have. Lord willing, Ezra won't suffer any hearing loss, but so many do!

Alright, that's what I have for today... earaches and yellow jackets. blech.

Hopefully next post will be good footage of ezra walking :)

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