Good, Bad, Ugly

  • $4 coral skirt from Gap that's the most comfortable thing EVER
  • Birthday bracelet from my husband :)
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  • A mom I met when handing out flyers for VBS at Green Lake showed up with her son today
  • Ezra walking up to the rocking chair in his room, rocking it, and singing softly
  • Ezra really starting to use his "please" sign
  • Ezra back in G Diapers now that they have a reusable insert
  • Stella telling me that she has "hear ears"and will listen to me
  • Whitney arrives next Saturday!
  • Ezra's birthday is Monday
  • I'm back in ballet classes... a really long story that I will have to post about when I'm ready
  • Ezra's 8th ear infection in 7months. We're going to Children's next month to do a surgical consultation. (that last part is good; maybe we can see an end to these ear infections...)
  • Ezra screaming for an hour at home with Dad while I tried to go out to get my VBS room set up
  • Less than 12 kids showing up for VBS. I have hope for Monday, but right now this fact feels sad
What a blessed life that I had to think for a long time to come up with just 3 "bad" bullet points

  • Yo' Mama (just kidding, but I had to have *something* in the "ugly" category)


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