The JeskyBera Blog is my writing home. While you are here, I will treat you the same as I would any guest in my house. You will be offered some refreshment, subjected to my children, intrigued by the curiosities, invited to participate, introduced to my favorite topics, and included in my prayers.


The Deets

Originally from Amarillo, Texas, I moved to Seattle in 2000 to pursue a professional ballet career. Life after dance has included many wonderful people and new interests, though figuring out how to be an artist has been a long, difficult challenge. My husband Brendan and I met at the church we still attend, Green Lake Presbyterian, and have been married since 2005. We have four awesome kids, not one rule-follower. I don't seem to be able to choose what I want to be when I grow-up, so I have settled on collecting hobbies and skills ad nauseum. My first book, a memoir of ballet, love, and becoming an artist, will be released by White Blackbird Books in 2019! I have a degree in Business from the University of Washington, completed training to be a labor and delivery doula, cook yummy food, parent, parent, parent (!), deal with POTS, actually, for real, totally believe that Jesus was God, love him, and write about it all.