Weirded Out

I have loved reading all my friends' Father's Day posts, but it is so weird to look at these goofball roommates and college friends and absorb that, yeah, they are FATHERS! I'm not talented enough (and Brendan has all the photos spread out over two computers and about a gazillion operating systems) to come up with my own sweet little Year-in-a-Nutshell post like my Beth, but I can say that it has been a great year. Brendan has proven himself to be quite the feeder, diaper-changer, consoler, love-tank-filler, etc.

Brendan summed it up best when we gave him his Father's Day gift (a hand painted mug complete with Ezra fingerprints and a scrawly message from me): "I feel like I just was making these for my Dad!"

Yeah, For REAL! How did this happen? Life is flying by-- and I hear that it starts going even faster! It's funny, though, even though I now see that, chances are, my parents felt as clueless as I do now (at times...) about being a parent, I still deep down believe that they always knew exactly what they were doing. Even when my mom let's me in on the secrets that they didn't, I still think, "nice of you to condescend, but I'm pretty sure you had your ducks in a row." Hopefully, my kids will think the same of me!!! Unfortunately, I'm a spazzy over-sharer, so my chances are SLIM...

See blog-of-the-future in 25 years to find out.

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