Whitney's BELATED Birthday!

ACKKK! I can't believe how remiss I've been to not post about how wonderful my sister is for her birthday! Her birthday was the 29th, and she is now the very attractive age of 20. I've always thought that 20 is the very most svelt age you can be. You're finally in your twenties, but you're not that gauche age of 21 in which all anyone can think about is the fact that you can (legally) drink!

So, without further ado, a few words about my sister:
Whitney and I are 5 years apart in age, but you'd never probably guess it because she's so stinkin' grown up. I'm able to talk with her about anything, and she's always able to display extraordinary empathy (a major skill) even if she has never actually, personally been through what's going on with me. She is also able to give practical advice in such a way that she doesn't sound like a big know-it-all (which is usually what happens when I try to dispense advice).
She's the funniest girl I've ever known, and I've known some funny ones! But, no one can get me rollin' on the floor laughing like she can! All I have to say is: "We are cavemen. We want TV!" Finally, Whitney has the best cheeks (I mean face!) and legs in the whole family. Mom and I have always envied her ability to look great in any shoe :)

I miss Whit a lot. It SUCKED to not see her this last visit to Amarillo. One of these days, she and her new husband, Dustin, are hoping to move to Portland, so maybe I'll finally get to see more of her!

Hurray, Hurray for the First of May

"Amarillo, Amarillo: You're Home, Sweet Home, to Me"