Hurray, Hurray for the First of May

May 1 means that we now have the keys to our new place! I've never been so excited about a place in my life (and this is location #8 for Seattle!). Hmm, maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's the first place I'll live with my little Spudkin. Well, first place we'll live with him on the outside :)The front.
One half of living space. that end will be the TV end
The other half of the living area. Brendan's office space!
my cute kitchen and back door
my dishwasher! and a very obscured view of my little breakfast nook. table will go under that hanging light. I like the window right there

my bedroom
another bedroom view... what were they thinking with that lime green paint on the door frame?

my tiny but sufficient bathroom

utility room. stacked washer and dryer are at the end by the window on the left

Spud's room! It's going to go from purple to some kind of yellow. That'll be quite the paint job!

Belly Picture Time

Whitney's BELATED Birthday!