"Amarillo, Amarillo: You're Home, Sweet Home, to Me"

Here are some pics from my land of origin. You can get a vague idea of what the new house is like.This is Grammy holding Micah, my cousin Amy's son. He's gotten SO big! Grammy is Spud's great-grandmother (Dad's mom)

Showing off my new little things for Spud to Amy. The crazy colors blankie is from my Aunt Lois. She made my blankie that I slept with (really... big confession coming up) until I got married!

Micah and his dad, Marcus
These are the tulips that Brendan had sent to me for Happy Tulip Day, April 25th. It's an invented holiday to commemorate the day that Brendan first gave me a red tulip and ALMOST asked to date me. He actually did it two days later :) We've been together now for 7 years. This was the first time we were apart for Tulip Day. I was tickled to death that he sent flowers! That's not typical Brendan behavior, but he just gets better every second. As sad as I was to leave my mom and dad, I also couldn't wait to get home to Rib! He missed his Spud a lot.

My time with my parents was great. I miss them!!! I love the new house, and I can't wait to go back at Christmas with my husband and son :) Mom and I had a great time scavenging the town for non-dorky baby bedding but really had no luck. She did get Spudkins some AWESOME grey and white onesies, socks, and little newborn pants. Very Seattle. We also made a few final maternity clothing purchases for my every increasing girth :)

Whitney's BELATED Birthday!

Leaving Again