March 17!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, first of all. Second, TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Beth and Dan are finally coming back for Eli's big arrival (not due until the end of May). If you read this before Tuesday afternoon, they are still in the middle of traveling, so please pray for them. I cannot wait to see them and the Partains too! I told Beth that I'm excited to hug her and see if the boys try to kick each other :).

It's so weird that we both are pregnant. The thing that strikes me the most is that now Dan and Brendan are both daddies. Last time they saw each other (on that super-NOT-fun day at the airport), they were just two silly friends... now they are two silly friends with kids! Rib was a dad already be then, but this time it looks like Spud will actually make it out here :). I guess it's equally strange or mind-blowing or whatever that Beth and I are both mommies; but, for some reason, that doesn't surprise me as much. She and I have been talking about kids forever since she's been a nanny since I've known her, and I just love kids... and then sort of nannied for a couple years too. It will be SO fun to talk about our own kids! Actually, that already has been really fun :).

I'm officially counting down the days now... 19 until (Lord willing!) I get to hug everyone! And, Meador family, it's making me sad that I won't be seeing you to give you hugs too. I'm used to having the promise of seeing y'all at the end of my plane rides. Well, soon enough- only 3 1/2 months until I see you too!

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