Large Cooking Projects

I really enjoy doing meal planning and cooking for folks. This Thursday, I get to help with the Maundy Thursday dinner before our Communion service at CrossPoint. I've planned large soup meals before, but I think this one is the biggest: soup for 150. We're going to make a chicken noodle, a broccoli cheese (I'm excited about that one), and an Italian lentil for those of the veggie/vegan persuasion. I've lately perfected my lentil (fresh basil and balsamic!) and chicken noodle (fresh thyme and a little extra garlic... and noodles go in LAST MINUTE) soup recipes, so I'm really excited about making those for everyone. I'm going to do a test run on the broccoli cheese tomorrow or maybe tonight so that I can be sure that one is good too. We won't exactly have fudge room for a whole batch of soup to turn out gross!

I really like cooking with other folks too. I'm looking forward to getting to better know some of the other women who are helping. We have so many new people at Green Lake, and it's practically impossible to get to know anyone well in the 10 minutes after a service! Especially when you're pregnant, and all you can think about is peeing and getting home for lunch and a nap :).

So, CrossPoint readers, I hope to see you Thursday!

"It's the Fin-al Count-down!"

March 17!