I am SO a real grown-up now. Two things yesterday confirmed my suspicions. First of all, I made my very own dentist appointment! I've made plenty of various appointments for myself for many years, but for some reason, I've had a major mental block about going to the dentist... and I have a cavity! It's little, and it never hurts; but still! There it is, and I'm finally doing something about it. :)

Second, I started reading the book about "active birth." WOW. Intense, but I'm actually really looking forward to it all. Thinking about doing that made me feel more than ever like I'm not in Kansas anymore. You know what I mean: the Kansas of childhood. Deep. Far out. Awesome. Woah.

Ok, I really do mean that- all joking aside. Giving birth to a child is like the quintessential adult female activity. (Rib just came to read over my shoulder and said, "the quintessential adult female activity! Your feminist professors are rolling over in their future graves!" So, I guess I should be more specific: the quintessential activity of the adult female body. Also, it's not the most mature thing the body can do... that would be dying preceded by the penultimate event of menopause. Yeah, I know women can reach other heights than childbearing... don't worry UW!).

So, I'm not saying I'm super mature or have any great adult wisdom... far from it, actually! However, dentists and active birth: pretty adult stuff.

March 17!

Psalm 22