Sickness & Sewing

No, that's not the name of Spud's and my new rock band. We're still trying to come up with something. Just kidding...

After my 2 days of wild, thrilling happiness after the ultrasound, I had two really crummy days of being sick. I'm feeling better today so far since my headache is mostly gone, and my congestion isn't quite so oppressive. I'm really glad that I'm feeling better so quick because, of course, I'm worried about getting too sick while pregnant. Brendan took excellent care of me complete with chicken soup making and doing all the laundry and dishes. We missed worship yesterday, which I hate, but I'm glad we didn't go expose me to more germs in my weakened state.

Now, for sewing talk. I went to Joann with Kristen on Friday to look at baby boy fabric in hopes that I could get some inspiration for projects I could do for little Boykins. Like I wrote previously, I've never sat and day dreamed about my life with a son, so I'm really shifting gears now that he's a he. I love the idea more and more everyday, though. The Joann trip was very helpful. However, it is so unfair that girls have so many really cool pattern options while the ones for boys are mostly extremely dorky. We managed to discover enough good boy stuff to get me excited. Seriously, though, out of probably 100 (maybe a little less) boy fabric options, I only saw around 8 that were actually cool (to me). The range is hilarious; it goes from super-cutesy baby blue with baby cartoon ducks with bottles (BARF!) to "extreme dinosaur crossing" traffic signs with fighter jets on yellow and brown camouflage background (DOUBLE BARF!). Somewhere in the middle come all the gender stereotyped sports, scary sharks in dark sunglasses, and construction equipment prints. Considering that Brendan and I aren't into that sort of stuff, I can't imagine Babytown liking things like that. HOWEVER, if he does, I will "extreme dinosaur crossing" his room to his little boy heart's delight. Until then, no thanks!

I am much more inspired by solid colors, abstract prints, and a few of the cute prints that had good color schemes and cool animals like frogs. I bought stuff to make 1 little blanket that I could see becoming the best friend (like Linus' blanket) and one little quilt for laying him on the floor to play. The blankie will be kelly green flannel (like his Daddy's favorite hoodie) with royal blue thermal fabric printed with lots of kelly green aligators (they look sort of like the Izod alligators but with friendly little faces). The quilt consists of red corduroy, green flannel with a multi-dot print, nubbly, royal blue plush, and a few other abstract, dot print fabrics. They'll both be super cute. We got a sewing machine to use from Laura. I'll try to take and post pictures once things get going.

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