Roman Antiquities in Seattle!!!

Yes! I'm as excited as I seem! I just discovered that the Seattle Art Museum is hosting an exhibit on loan from the Louvre of Roman art. I'm thrilled to the gills. I don't know why, but Greco-Roman art really trips my trigger. Well, actually, I can think of a lot of reasons to be excited about it:

1. Any display of amazing artistic ability is worth loving because I believe that it is a reflection of God's creative character

2. The classical style (in it's many metamorphoses) developed by the Greeks and then expanded by the Romans has been the standard for Western art. Even modern/post-modern art is affected by it because it attempts to be "NOT." Being "not" requires an understanding of what is.

3. We might be able to view things that Paul saw! We may even see things that Jesus might have seen! Roman centurion's breastplate? It's possible!

4. The artwork from the catacombs is some of the most moving art I have seen. I started crying in the lecture on early Christian art... thankfully, the lights were out for the sake of the slides. It's so inspiring to see what desperate believers clung to as they faced persecution. There are lots of images of lambs.

5. I love perfection and order. Roman art and architecture was based on pursuit of order and perfection.

6. The body of artistic work that came out of the ancient Roman society is a staggering example of common grace. Why would God give such talent to people who hated him just so that they could make beautiful images of their pagan gods and the naked male form (with which they were obsessed... in more ways than one, if ya get my drift)? I don't know why. It's a huge mystery to me.

I could go on, but that's probably enough. I love art history. I think that it's so fascinating. If I wasn't so ding-danged practical, I'd have an art history degree rather than my business degree. That would have been really indulgent, though, for me. I already got to have one indulgent, impractical career (ballet), so the second time around was more about preparing myself to take care of my kids in the event that Brendan dies. Sad and sort of uninspired, but that's why I did it. I'm glad I did, but I do wish sometimes that I had taken more art classes. Oh well. I'm young! Maybe I can do all the docent training at the SAM when I'm an older, wild-haired lady. I'll be a crazy, over-excited tour guide who wears oversized jewelry :) Can't wait! Sounds great! I'll get all the little first graders jazzed about Roman antiquities!

So, if you live in Seattle, GO TO THE MUSEUM! It will be so cool! Poor Spud. Such a dorky mom :).

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