More News!

Father and son have officially made contact! Boykins (keep reading for new nicknames explanation) was kicking or doing something in there really hard this morning as Brendan and I lazed in bed trying to think of more names. He's done that a few times, but Brendan has never been able to feel it. Well, he just never gets his hand there in time. But, finally, Spud kept it up long enough. Rib felt him kick about 6 times and was even able to tell when he was moving his kicks to another place. YAY! I have felt so sorry for Brendan because he hadn't been able to enjoy any of Spud's little hellos yet.

So, nicknames. Now that I've seen him, and know he's a him, and see his little boy body, I feel weird thinking of him as Spud. I still like the name because it's what we gave him, but he's just not that little mysterious lima bean anymore! This whole "Boykins" think started this morning as I talked to him; he's my little boy... and of course, I have to put "kins" or "town" on the end of everything for some strange reason. Hence, "Ahh, hi, little boy-kins!" :). I also continue to enjoy calling him Babytown!

And lastly, hurray for no longer having to write the following: him/her and s/he! Yes, I could have just used "he," as is acceptable in our language. But, the little bit of feminism in me and my indoctrination from my studies in HR would not allow me to be comfortable using anything but gender-neutral language... thanks, UW ;)

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