Busy Bee

I feel better today!!! I have a little bit of gunk hanging on, but mostly I am well. So, today I flitted about getting things done. FINALLY!

Spud and I ran around copying and mailing tax forms (yes!), mailing Spud's ultrasound video to my dad so he can put it on DVD (yes!), getting a new cell phone (awesome! no more superman phone!), calling to cancel Sprint (SUCKY! but over, so yay!), having lunch at World Wrapps (yum!), and going to Storables to buy fun containers for all of Brendan's and my junk! Try finding a plastic tub with this question in mind, "Hmm, what can I get that will easily house both my antique tutu and Brendan's rocket making stuff?" I cannot wait to get everything organized and into those bins!

Now, I shall start making some of my (self-proclaimed) famous Texan chili for parish group tonight. Then, while it simmers, pack stuff in the new containers and vacuum. I'm actually really pumped about that. Any step towards order and cleanliness is a step towards good mental health, if you ask me :)

Artsy Weekend

Roman Antiquities in Seattle!!!