Artsy Weekend

We were busy, folks! Spud had quite a time, including rocking out on more than one occasion :)

On Friday, after a nice time with the ladies at lunch and prayer, I loafed around the church office making lists of things to do for art night. We really didn't get much done at all on Friday, so I was pretty worried about having an insane day on Saturday. I just kept up my mantra, "I am not in charge." I also had an inflated view of what needed to be done because the art night I coordinated was the first one in a long time and bigger than the one this weekend. We actually had a pretty easy time on Saturday... but I'll get there.

Friday night, we went to see Van Gross play their cd release party. We mostly went to see Chad, the bass player. I was thinking that we hadn't seen him do any rocking out since the days of going to Bremerton to watch Luke Morton's band play. So, it was fun to reminisce. They were a bit loud for Boykins in the small space. He was kicking a lot, and I got really nervous that he was uncomfortable. I kept my arms tight over my belly! But, I don't think that probably helped. Thankfully, their set was short. I said to Brendan, "Well, either he's rocking out... or freaking out." Brendan responded, "Let's just assume he's rocking out." I'm not so sure though...

Saturday we were up early to take bagels to the church and watch Daddy and the guys move pews out of the sanctuary. I sat around for a long time in the morning gathering strength for the rest of the day. Everything went fine. I really was there ALL day, so that sort of sucked. But, whatever. I kept myself busy most of the time, though I did get to take a nice little break in the sunshine when I was waiting for lunch to get back to the church. That was good. I needed it by that point.

Ok, so this next string of thoughts is mostly an aside. Art night got me thinking about it, but a lot of it is leftover reflection from business school projects and other business ventures. Sometimes I hate being such a good self starter. Even when I'm "not in charge," I still seem to understand best what all needs to be done. It's a blessing and a curse. I just do what I see needs to happen, so I'm usually working a lot and attracting questions from everyone else. I don't mind working a lot, but I wish other people had the same take-care-of-business-on-your-own attitude. I guess the catch is that in addition to being able to get things done, you have to be able to communicate with others about the process. I'm good at communicating as a leader, but I'm not so good at it when I'm a subordinate. Especially if I'm not getting good direction from leadership. I'm only a good team player if I have a strong team leader or am the leader. I think some of that is that I care a LOT about the overall success of whatever I'm doing. I guess I do ok if I'm given a really specific part of a project, but if it's just an "all hands on deck" sort of situation, I assume that the whole thing is my problem. Brendan always tries to tell me to just blow off whatever is really not my responsibility and try not to care if it's not good. But, I just can't do that... I'm working on it.

Anyway, back to Art Night. I also really missed Hannah all morning. She had to work, and last time she was such a great partner/friend. We spent a good 40 hours working on it the week of the event back in May. I really missed that this time. Well, not the 40 hours part! All in all, the event went very well, and I had a good time. Babytown got to rock again to Cassius Don't Come Home and Sad Lee. I stood way in the back, so I'm sure that this time he was just having fun... not ear pain. It was definitely exhausting. Most people would say I do it to myself, and they'd be right. I just need to always be careful to make sure that my focus is always God's glory... not mine.

On Sunday afternoon, I GOT TO SEE THE ROMAN ARTIFACTS! It was really cool. There were some pretty famous statues there, and I actually got choked up to see them. I don't really know why, but it just gets me. We went to a lecture given by the two curators from the Louvre and the Seattle coordinator of the show, Peg Laird, an art history professor I had at the UW. It was neat to hear about how they coordinated the show and got everything here from Paris. Professor Laird just reviewed some of the basics of how visual art functioned in the Roman culture. It was a good refresher before seeing the pieces. Brendan and I especially thought it was cool to see two particular busts, one of Marcus Aurelius and one of his famed tutor, Herodes Atticus. We had a nice mission impossible moment as I watched his back, and he snapped a picture of Marcus Aurelius on the iPhone. :)

By the time Monday arrived, I was beat! I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up a bit from the crazy weekend and then bumming around the house with Kletia. Last night, Rib and I had a lovely, relaxing night. I made a loaf of apple bread, and that added to our cozy comfort. Well, actually, I wasn't comfortable at all. This little baby is rearranging all my parts like crazy! My ribs hurt every afternoon and night. All my organs are getting stuffed up into my small rib cage, and it hurts! I think some of it is my abs pulling and separating up there. I had such a good set of abs before... sad. They were just a nice leftover from the dancing days. Definitely buying a gym membership after this little boykins arrives. At least I can still point my feet nicely, right?

Here are some new belly pictures. Notice how I'm sporting some iLike apparel... got to shake the hand that feeds ya, ya know? :) And, I like that shirt... no pun intended!

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