No Need to Worry (and some free advertisement)

My friend Kathryn tells me that her audiologist friend says that it's really difficult to hurt a baby's ears in utero. So, Spud really was just rocking out!

The following is a free advertisement for (... nope, not my spud's website)
I've begun ordering organic groceries from, a local company that does grocery delivery. I LOVE IT. I've had a couple of issues with them (they gave me a leek instead of kale one time), but overall I've been pleased with the service and the products. It's fun to shop online, and this is a way to do it for things you actually need :). It saves me grocery store trips, and it helps us to eat what is local and fresh. I really like having all the fun produce to play with throughout the week. You can get anything you need on there... even detergent and stuff. Of course, some of it is WAY expensive. But, I've managed to save money by using them so far. I think they must get really great deals from the local farmers because when I stick to produce, dairy, and bread, I save. Not to mention, now that I'm being paranoid about chemicals and excess fat or sugar in my food, I usually buy the organic or all natural stuff (which is more expensive) from the grocery store anyway. So, I figure, if I'm spending more already, I might as well support an organization I really like and save gas money and labor!

Pride Goes Before [a half hour of really awkward dressing room experience]

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