What's This Little Boy Made of?

Top Ten Cravings

10. Cucumbers
9. Gummy Bears (Specifically, THESE)
8. Banana Splits
7. Potato Chips/Tater Tots/Curly Fries
6. Fat Slice of Chocolate Cake, preferably cold
5. Smoked Salmon
4. Bacon
3. Bahn Mi
2. Passion Fruit Slush Boba Tea with Boba and Popping Mango Boba
1. California Roll

Got to say: The cravings have been pretty fun this time around. I mean, look at that list. 4 of those are desserts! I don't usually love dessert (though, I have always loved gummy bears and chocolate cake). Banana Split?? SO weird. I would never pick that normally. Bubble Tea and California Roll have been the two most consistent desires throughout, hence their placements as #2 and #1. I could go for each of those right now...
Bran Raphael

Bran Raphael

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