The List Project

I have an idea.

For my friends and clients, I usually recommend planning some fun diversions for the last few weeks of pregnancy. It can get so hard to keep waiting on that labor to start when you are so. done. being. pregnant. Especially if you are post-40wks. I am not there yet, but I know that this baby will be here SOON (In the next 4-6 weeks, to be quasi-exact. The way time flies around here, that's not long at all). Unfortunately (or maybe it's a blessing? Hard to tell sometimes...), I don't have much need of planning diversions because as a mother of three in the middle of summer, my calendar is ridiculously full. Day camps, VBS, midwife and doctor appointments, final projects before baby, birthday parties, work BBQs, and on and on. "Take it easy," people say. Whatever. It's not possible. There are too many (very young) people here for me to actually take it easy, but I do try to do my best to rest as I can. Sadly, the haircuts, pedicures, baby-book shopping, beach afternoons, etc, that I usually suggest as fun diversions for my clients aren't really an option around here. When I do get time to try to schedule activities alone, I need to be responsible, lie down, and put my feet up. This isn't a complaint. My job is very difficult right now, but (when I'm not throwing a giant emotional fit) I'm very thankful for my life full of very young people.

So, my idea: mark the remaining weeks with an easy project I can look forward to doing each week from my bed like making top ten lists (or top five, or two... I get tired, y'all).

This week I have a pair of lists as I find myself thinking of these things a lot lately.

Top 6 Things I Love About Not Having A Baby

6. No diaper changing

5. Everyone dresses themselves.

4. No need for naps. This one took me some time to appreciate. At first, I missed having the kids nap, but then it showed itself as a huge plus. We can do whatever we need to do without fear of needing to hurry home before somebody starts to lose it. (Ha! actually, I'm the somebody now...) It's great because places are really pretty empty during naptime, and I'm not such a fan of humans these days. They wear me out.

3. Everyone knows how to go potty. Do they always do a great job with all the hygiene stuff? Not great every time, but usually they just need reminders.

2. People can make their own beds, start their own laundry, put away their own laundry, and even prepare and feed themselves simple snacks and breakfasts!

1. Everyone can use their words. True: they often use them to argue and hurt each other and me. Also True: they make amazing observations, encourage each other and me, express love very, very often to each other and me, display faith and hope, tell me their needs and fears, and explain themselves.

Top 6 Reasons I Can't Wait to Have a Baby

6. He is tiny

5. He doesn't need to be told to go potty

4. He needs to take lots of naps

3. He needs me to dress him every time.

2. He needs me me to feed him with food that doesn't require any dishes or ingredients from the store, and he (HOPEFULLY) will love it and not complain about the taste or lack of variety!

1. He doesn't use words, but he can express faith, trust, peacefulness, love, fear, and needs to us through his often adorable, sometimes maddening cries, looks, little baby body language, and nuzzling snuggles.

Soon I will enjoy the best (and, yeah, yeah, the worst...) of BOTH these lists!

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