Ezra is out at the "Mobal Bains" (trns: Barnes and Noble Trains) with Grandma Laura, and Ivo is sleeping peacefully in the Moses basket (despite a cold... oh, poor second child). So, dear reader, I'm posting photos!!!

First, a few words about Segundo:
We think he's awesome. He's a very mellow baby. He slept in the sling today through Ezra's toddler music class at Gymboree. All the mommies were shocked :). He sleeps ok; he wakes a lot but is really good about going right back to sleep when I tuck him in next to me after he eats. He eats like a CHAMP; I have more milk than I know what to do with, and I thank God for it EVERY DAY!!! So different than last time! Ivo has already come so beautifully through some owies and illness, and I can see that he (at least at almost 4 wks...) is WAY more like Brendan personality-wise. That's great! I love Brendan's personality (although it often mystifies me b/c we are SO different). I can't wait to see if Ez and Ivo have similar difficulties relating to each other... but that's getting ahead of ourselves. Right now he's just a great baby; Ezra is a good, nice brother; and we are tired but extremely happy parents.

Couple little things about Ez: more hilarious by the day, clever as all get-out, compassionate and emotionally perceptive... oh, and SUPER NAUGHTY sometimes :). He has just started in the last week to get jealous about Ivo needing me all the time (to eat), and he insists that I carry him every chance I get. So, that's all normal and understandable, but if you're gonna pray for us about something, that'd be my request.


That's my MOTHER... not my sister :)

This is the look I have on my face in almost all the pictures...

Poppy and his two boys :). This makes me so happy, and I can't wait to get to TEXAS!

All GQ in his Aunt Pants onesie. First shirt he ever wore :)

First check-up. We were sad that Leslie was on vacation...

belly smiles


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