Birthday Pictures

The new camera (I lost the first one we had when Ez was 9 mos!) was my Mother's Day present and came in the mail about an hour or two before I became convinced I was in labor. Thank God!!!

Happy to be 9 cm

9 cm and laboring all snuggled with Rib


My purple baby...

who started turning...


telling my Mom and Dad

skin to skin with Daddy

Wish I had a better pic of Mel!

snuggled and happy in my recovery bed

newborn exam

OH, so that's how they do it :)

perfectly fresh

happy family! (minus 1 important member!!!)

double-duty mobile hook!

meeting for the first time!

Out of order...
Around the time I thought, "Oh... yeah, I'm gonna have to give birth again"

all prepared

Tub in my living room

My best friend :)


Birth Story