"What do you do all day?"

I get this question a lot, so I decided to write a little post. It is growing increasingly difficult to be thankful rather than crabby about all the free time on my hands. I am blessed to have been out of work for 5 months now! I am SO EAGER to start my new job, Spudkin's Mom, full time. Although, I know that I've already been Spud's mom for 9 months. I'm just ready to start the hands on work!

So, meanwhile, here's what I've been up to today. I woke up this morning and immediately began harassing Brendan to come back to bed, chat, and snuggle with me. That's a great way to kill the first half-hour of awake time :). Then, I got all ready, ate some breakfast and immediately went back to sleep. That is extremely atypical. I'm usually terrible at napping, but last night my midwife told me that I should take an hour each morning and each afternoon to just lay down and rest. Having been given explicit instruction, I'm much more willing to do the resting I need to do. Also, I really don't sleep well at night, and I've become really exhausted the last week or so. I slept on and off until 12:30 today! How's that for an answer to "what do you do all day?"

Then, I got up, quickly ate lunch and went to a prayer group I attend on Tuesdays. I love doing that, and today was no exception. I was especially blessed today by all the praying that the Spirit led about putting off wickedness and putting on righteousness.

Next was a trip to PCC to replenish my vitamin stash. Added a B-Complex to help with my recent sleep-deprivation instigated crabbiness. A little side note: I'm into chelated minerals these days, and I really believe that they are wonderful. Since, I've been taking my chelated iron, I've had no tummy issues to speak of, even though I take 2 at a time! I also got some dark chocolate covered blackberry organic ice cream bars - very important in late fetal development ;)

I came home and wrote notes to folks. We've been blessed with a steady stream of gifts, so I had thank you notes to do. I also wrote a letter to my grandmother :)

Then, I began my cooking project of the day: quiches to freeze. I'm a HUGE quiche fan, and the little ones at Trader Joe's are great, but I eat them fast and think that habit could get expensive. Actually, I know that because they were my main food source during my nauseous first trimester. So, I decided to make some big ones to freeze. They'll be great to have once Spuddy Buddy is born.

The quiches are roasted tomato, green onion, basil, and cheese. They're cooking now, and they smell great! I used whole wheat crusts, and I can smell the wholesomeness. I had a little adventure with the tomatoes. I think I put too much olive oil on them, and they majorly smoked up in the oven. The smoke detector, a chair, a towel, and scared guinea pigs were then involved. Everything turned out fine, though, and the tomatoes are delicious :). I sauteed the green onions in butter to give them a little gentler, more savory flavor. Fortunately, enough filling was left for me to make a little extra "frittata," which for me is a crustless quiche, so we'll get to taste it sooner than later!

Then, I wrote this silly blog post. Another way I like to spend my time :). I also like chatting on gmail with far-away friends and my sister.

After a little rest, I plan to make dinner and await the arrival of the Rib. Tonight we're having salad and burritos... done enough fancy cooking for today!


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