All my facebook friends are well aware of my new obsession with Trophy Cupcake and Party in Wallingford. Now, I feel compelled to write a blog post about them too!

I have NEVER been a real dessert girl. Especially since moving to Seattle, I always wanted more dinner than dessert. But, now that I'm carrying the spawn of a sweet tooth, I really like the sugar. Of course, a lot of that stems from my increasing caloric and protein needs. My body only thinks it wants dessert because sugar is quick energy. But, WHATEVER. I pack in the protein and eat very healthily, so if I feel like one desserty indulgence a day - I'm doing it!

Trophy Cupcake's owner was featured on Martha Stewart several months ago, and I finally made a visit. Martha was definitely on to something because this shop makes the best cupcakes I have EVER had. The frosting is really what does it; it is super creamy, never crusty, and very flavorful. It all tastes nice and homemade, and they feature fresh ingredients (like the farmer's market blueberries in my blueberry cupcake today). I've been to other shops in town, and it would almost be cruel to compare them to Trophy.

Here's what I got today:
That's my half-eaten blueberry on the plate. In the box, from left to right, are hummingbird (pineapple-banana cake with cream cheese frosting), mint-chocolate, and vanilla-chocolate.

So, if you live in Seattle, EAT A CUPCAKE! Trophy Cupcake

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