We worked out our yellow problem. After making many concoctions, the guy at Rodda figured out that whoever mixed my test quart had put the gallon formula in it. Hence, the test quart was more intense because it had 4 times more pigment than it should have had. So, he made me a gallon with 4 times more pigment than it should've had, and now I'm happy :)

Here's the final color! I just finished it up today

Here you can see the original gallon (that made me sad) next to the ori
ginal test quart
With Spudkins cutey little window. Now all I have to do is fix all the previous painters screw-ups on the ceiling and repaint the trim that they painted purple. We had to triple primer all the trim too. Painting trim and ceiling touch-ups are my final projects that I should finish by tomorrow! I can't wait to move on to the next projects. Ikea... here we come!

A Little Spud Update