Here's Brendan pulling the tape... the fun part!
We were super excited by how it looked! We were a little worried that our choice would be too bright and crazy, but we love it! Just wait until I'm done putting that room together... it's going to be so cool!

vs. NEW! So much better
This is the current state of Spuddy Buddy's room. 3 coats of primer! The room looks much larger and brighter now that it's no longer a purple cave :). We currently have an issue with the yellow. The paint store gave me a test quart that was, I think, a shade darker than the color on the paint chip. Then, they gave me a gallon that, I think, is a shade lighter than the color on the paint chip. SO, the gallon color is WAY wrong. I'd rather have what I think was the wrong color in the test quart. Anyway, for some reason the paint store can't get #7905 right, so I have to go in there today and figure things out with them. It was really sad when we opened up the paint last night. I was so excited to get going on the color in there! Oh well, we'll do it tonight.

Here's a cutey picture of Brendan and Dan sampling Glenlivet with chocolate. They came up with that pose themselves, but I made them do it a bunch of times for the picture. :) It was good to have Dan in town. Of course, it made me miss Beth. We talked about how having just the three of us hanging out was reminiscent of the Barbie Apt. days. Things were definitely more fun for me once Beth entered the scene back then!


Belly Picture Time