Weird Headaches

First thing I should say is: No, it's not preeclampsia, so don't worry. My blood pressure is fine, and I check it regularly

I have these really weird headaches that come with bizarro symptoms. About a month ago, the symptoms included tingling arms, face, and hands, slurred speech, and difficulty processing things in my mind. Each one has come with the predominant symptom of blurry vision. Although, it's not really like blurred vision as much as there are just these weird squiggly lines and starbursty things that happen in my periferal vision. The eye stuff always precedes the headache. I had two really bad ones a month ago, but then I didn't have any for a while. Then, starting Saturday, I've had one 4 out of the last 5 days. I've started taking tylenol and lots of water and seeking rest pretty quickly after the eye stuff starts, and the headaches themselves have been pretty mild compared to what they were last month. As I said, my blood pressure has been fine, so that makes me feel a little better about things. My midwife instructed me to just keep a record of the headaches and what the scenario is like.

So, I would appreciate your prayers that these will stop again. They're just really annoying and make me a little nervous.

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