Just the Facts

I've been putting off doing a post until I can get some of the great pictures I have off the camera and onto the blog, but I think that may still be a few days. So, here are some brief updates:

Headaches: much better! Haven't had one since Thursday :)

Spud: Wiggly and cute... still think he's wrong side up, but we have an appt. today and will hopefully learn more

Back: Murderously painful!!! Over the weekend a bad case of sciatica settled in on my right side, and it really is miserable. I have to limp :(

New Place: Looking good! Big move happening this Saturday, not that I'll be much help.

Mood: "Subject to Emotional Changes" is my new favorite disclaimer for myself adopted from Your Pregnancy: Week by Week. Generally though, I'm happy and thankful that I'll soon get to meet my son!

Missing all you friends across the land out there...


Weird Headaches