Yay! Less than 24 hours before our trip! I'm busy packing and such. Spud had a particularly active morning and a few of the kicks sort of hurt! That was the first time for that.

Also, we might have found a place! It's an incredibly cool 2 bedroom/1 bath house on a LARGE private yard. The whole place is absolutely adorable. It has a handcrafted exposed wood beam ceiling, tile in bathroom, wood floors everywhere else, utility room with full-size washer and dryer. There is even a hammock in the trees! The bedrooms are small... but it's such a cool place that we don't even care! We are hoping we will be picked! The owner is reviewing (what I imagine to be a huge stack of) applications tomorrow. I went the extra mile and wrote a nice letter about ourselves and how badly we want to live there!

Finally, I received my first unsolicited or informed pregnancy comment! I was standing in line at the Safeway pharmacy, and this 12ish year old boy just flat out said, "Are you having a boy?" I looked at him with wonder and amazement and said, "Why yes I am! You're a good guesser!" At this, he blushed adorably and sheepishly said, "My mom is having a girl." His (had to be) babysitter or grandma looked dumbfounded. It was great. That was a nice first comment to receive.

We'll see if I can do any postings while we're away. Visiting Beth or Sarah's blogs will probably get you pictures ;)

Having a Great Time!