Busy + Emotional + Pregnant + Apartment Hunting + Expanding Rib Cage = Frazzled

I cannot wait for my vacation, the hugs of my friends, and the continual presence of Brendan! I'm so tired of feeling like a fish out of water in my own city, church, apt., etc. I'm just not used to the new ways things are. I'm hoping that renting a new place and getting it all ready for Spud will help me to settle down and feel some new stability.

I just got finished bawling about Speck... ok, thought I was finished... typing that started things up again. Alright, I'm better again. Anyway, just sucks that babies die. Mine and other people's. I've been doing better with it all lately, but something set me off today. I was probably long over due for it, and it has been a kind of emotional week beginning to look at new places to live and stuff. Of course, that is fun in a way too. I think I'm also just tired a little... umm, a lot. This year has just flown by, and it had so much stuff crammed into it!

Meanwhile, Spud is doing great. He continues to grow satisfactorily, and all his little kicks and jabs still feel great. He was kicking a lot while I cried just now, and that just makes me cry more! I love him so much. It's unbelievable how intertwined our lives and health are right now. Rib and I enjoy trying to distract him from his kicking for fun when he really gets going. Brendan will sing to him, or we'll gently rub his little protrusions. Quite often, Spud stops what he's doing whenever we're giving him some sort of stimulation. Then, when we stop, he goes back to his dancing or whatever it is he's doing. I love it! It's like he's tuning in to whatever is going on outside. Yesterday at our monthly check-up, he kept kicking the doppler while our midwife was finding his heartbeat. That was hilarious. Such a jokester, that Spud.

Last thing, if you think of it, please pray for my rib pain. It's really becoming a major frustration. And, no, I don't mean Rib as in Brendan! I can go to physical therapy, but it seems to just keep hurting the same amount. I'm a little worried about being on the planes this weekend and missing a week of therapy. The house hunt is another request, though no major concern because we still have tons of time.