Kimi's 7th Birthday in Bellingham

Kimi is Brendan's cousin's daughter. I'm not sure what exactly that makes our relationship (cousin in law?), but we love her. I definitely enjoy having a little girl to shower with little girl gifts! She asked all sorts of hilarious, but very intelligent, questions about the baby and having babies. She was really excited about feeling him kick, and she actually got to feel him once! Here are some of my favorite questions:
Is the baby eating that pizza right now too?
How do babies eat?
How do you know if you're pregnant?
How do you tell the difference between someone who is pregnant and someone who is just fat? (that was my favorite!)This is Brendan's maternal grandma- Grandma Clark. That's GG (great grandma) to Kimi, Quinn, and Spud!

I was very impressed with Kimi's first grade reading skills :)

From your left to right: Uncle Gerard, Jake (cousin in law), Quinn, and yours truly. I felt about as hazy as I look as I was MISERABLE with allergies.

Quinn and his daddy showing off some tricks

Rib and Ruby (our second favorite dog in the world... second only to Skeeter!)

Vanity Shots (well, except that I look weird in all of them!)Before my date in my new Gap sweater

23 week belly

Yeah, I look drugged or something! But, more importantly, I'm wearing the cute preggers t-shirt that Brendan bought for me for Valentine's Day.

Cooking and Baking Projects
I do a lot of cooking these days, and it's been more fun than ever with my great, fresh ingredients from I also recently made a root vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots, and parsnips and a creamy tomato basil. They were both crazy good! I made some latkes too- a project I've wanted to try for a while. Chocolate muffins were a big success, but my recent apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies were pretty disappointing. If you have an oatmeal cookie recipe that results in flat, chewy cookies, send it to me! Mine turned out sort of bready.Apple Bread: a new favorite around here!

This is the start of a Giada recipe for spinach rollatini. After cooking the noodles, they are spread with a spinach filling.

Rolling them up

Into the bed of homemade bechamel sauce

Topped with marinara and mozzerella before being baked (with a side portion for me to cook later!)

Spud's BlanketLaying it all out- the bottom is made of kelly green flannel


Trying to sew on the cranky machine

Cutey Alligators!

Psalm 22