We've been busy, I guess, since Wednesday when I last posted. Wednesday night was really funny. Brendan decided to be nice and take me out on a date. It was a very pretty day on Wednesday, so I went to U.Village to walk around. I got a new sweater at Gap Maternity (very good sale going on!); and when I got home, I spent about 2 hours trying to put myself together for my date. Brendan rode his bike to work that day, so I knew he'd have to shower when he came home. I made a reservation for 7 and checked in with Rib multiple times in the day to ask if 7 was still going to work for him, but at 6:48, I was still home alone. Now, old Jessica would have gotten really upset and would have been prepared to receive Brendan with all a Fury's wrath because how dare he be LATE? THE BIGGEST SIN THERE IS!!!

Now, that is psych0 and not fun to be married to, I have realized. Poor Rib has been taking a lot of crap from me about timing and schedules for our whole relationship, but by God's grace, I have finally decided to try to be loving rather than crank-town about stupid things! Why is it so hard to love Brendan more than I love my schedule? I don't do that to anyone else. Just poor Rib gets the worst of me! Well, not anymore! Brendan is way more deserving of my kindness than anyone else I know if only for the simple reason that he loves me the best :)... oh and, I kind of promised to be loving to him when we got up in front of everyone and exchanged vows. Also, he and I have enjoyed a few months now of what I'm ready to call the happiest time of my life. We both have been more considerate, and I'm seeing God answer a lot of our prayers about our relationship. Now the prayer is that God will give us the ability to keep up our new-found, lovey behavior the next time things get hard... or as things stay great, and we start to get lazy!

So, the newer, friendlier Jesky simply called the Crepe Cafe and pushed our reservation back to 7:30. I know that sounds so simple and obvious, but now, friends, you can really see what a selfish crazy I've been in the past! It felt like a major spiritual triumph, and I'm so thankful that God has palpably softened my heart. When Rib came home, I got to greet him cheerfully with the full power of all my excitement that he had lovingly planned and suggested a date. SO much better than coming home to a nutty crabcake (that refers to a crabby, crazy Jesky... not a culinary treat)! He then got to shower and relax, and we got to the restaurant in plenty of time... and we were pretty much the only people in there all night!

OK, now, after all that, here's the funny part of the story. Brendan's allergies were seriously agitated by his ride home on the Burke Gilman after the sunny, windy day. He was all sneezy when he got home, so I gave him a Benadryl to calm things down. Brendan typically insists that no medicine works on him (although, he'd probably try to defend himself after hearing me say that), and he usually refuses allergy medicine with the claim that it doesn't do anything to him. About halfway through dinner, I started to see the Benadryl glaze that comes over a person, however I did not recognize it as such. I just figured he was tired from his ride and a busy week at iLike. When we got home, I was looking forward to a nice evening of cuddling while Brendan read more to me from The Sword and the Stone, our current bedtime reading selection. Needless to say, Brendan was asleep by 8:45! He kept saying, "I don't know why I'm so tired." "It's the Benadryl! Medicine does do stuff to you, see?" I replied. For a while, I tried to be interesting enough to keep him awake, but I had no luck. He was out! So, I watched TV by myself. Old, evil Jesky started to try to come back to life and get selfish and indignant about it all. I just had to laugh at myself. It was sort of like God was saying, "don't get too excited about your new behavioral improvements. You still have a lot to work on!" Well, point taken- whatever will keep me humble! Brendan woke up after about 45 minutes, and we tried to fix the sewing machine... definitely more frustrating than romantic! Although, I appreciated his act of service :)


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