My Nice Husband

Rib and I had such a nice weekend together. I hate Monday, not because I have to work, but because he does!

Friday, Brendan worked from home because lots of people from iLike were sick. We try to avoid germs as best we can these days. I love it when he works from home because then I can make lunch for him and get him tea. I try my best not to harass him, and I think I'm getting better at it. I just love having him around. I left him alone for a while to go mall crawl with Hannah and Kristen. That was fun. We felt like we were in high school again... nay, middle school. On Friday night, we went over to the Jensen's house and played our new version of Cranium with the Richards, Seitz, and Mark & Rebecca. That was fun, but I was SUPER tired by the end. Then, my nice husband let me sleep in the car and then put me to bed. It was good to see Seattle friends after being gone for so long.

We saw Juno on Saturday night and loved it. It really reminded me (minus the teen pregnancy, snarky-ness, and lack of Christ) of falling in love with Rib. It's weird that teenagers can actually fall in love. I know they can, though, because we did, and so did most of our currently married friends. I enjoyed watching it, too, because I'm pregnant. All the little jokes about the crazy stuff pregnancy does to your body are much funnier when you're currently experiencing said effects. The little poignant moments all really stabbed me deep too, like watching the ultrasound. We then went to Trader Joe's together to get dinner stuff. Rib made really good chicken chow mein from scratch for me. So nice.

Sunday was GREAT. I always miss Green Lake (sorry, CrossPoint) a ton when I'm in Texas. Nothing against the church there, I just really love mine. Rib and I were feeling particularly in sync since we had a good pile of days together. He did a good job of helping me think that afternoon about my involvement in the next Art Night at CP. I love it when he uses his logical, computer-like brain to help me rather than argue me to death :). Then, after my meeting, we had dinner together at Thai Siam, the BEST Thai restaurant ever. Seriously, if you've never been there, you have to go check it out. It's on 15th AVE NW and 83rd on the west side of 15th. Don't get phad thai... that's way too boring compared to the massive amount of amazing stuff on their menu. Finally, we went to the Jensen's again for the biggest scone night turn out I have EVER seen. Almost 20 people... it was crazy. Again, I was completely exhausted. Then, nice husband read me to sleep :)

Another Busy LONG Weekend

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