Home Again, Home Again - Jiggity Jig!

Well, we're back! I had a really hard time leaving my family. It gets worse every time. But, don't worry, Seattle. Pretty sure I'll never move back to Amarillo. Here are the promised Texas-trip photos. At the top there are Skeeter, best dog ever, and his favorite brother.
Notice the return of the Footie Pajama t-shirts for round two of Meador Christmas with Brendan.
This is me, looking spectacular on Christmas morning, very excited about my favorite stocking stuffer, PLINKS!
This is my cousin Amy's new baby, Micah, with Dad. A shadow of things to come :)
Before a shower for Whit. They had to force me to dress up. I'm not out of jeans and t-shirt much these days!
Bachelorette party. Whitney actually felt sort of ok at this very moment.
Making boquets! So fun. I've done it a bunch of times, but no one has ever taken pics for me :)
Making Whitney's GIANT red rose boquet with Swarovski crystals and cranberries. There are about 40 roses in there. I used a spiral technique which worked really well to create the puff-ball look she wanted. The stems were hard to wrangle, though. And, I wound up with a nasty cut when I tried to saw them off at the end. Mommy came to the rescue :)
Finishing touches: Red satin ribbon and silver beading
Finished! I almost forgot to do that little tossing boquet, so it's tiny!
Me and Amy getting ready before wedding
Sorry it's sideways! Me and Whit. She felt sick; it was hard, but we made it through. Isn't her hair cool!
Whitney and Dad. He did great despite all the emotion of marrying off his last daughter!
Me watching for her to come down the aisle after I left her crying and hyperventillating. She was really stressed about being sick. I cried big and ugly as she came down. Fortunately, I had the prayer to pull my kleenex out of my cleavage and attempt to dry my eyes.
Married! She did great... no puking or passing out! Dustin was super cute.
Not a great pic, but this is the bridal party. Two preggers, one just had a baby, and one college roommate.

They kept making us do these sassy pictures. Cute, I suppose. I like how Whit looks mad; I look like a freak; everyone else looks cute.
Kind of blurry, but funny.
Me toasting at the reception.
Me being my chatty, junior hostess self.
Pretty cake! Sadly, Whitney didn't get to eat her piece b/c her new family made her be in a MILLION pictures
Dustin is tall! He did pretty good dancing.
Rocking with my Dad's band, the Prairie Dogs. This was one of our favorite songs.
Spud and I really cut loose. Whitney was about to leave, so my emotional stress was decreasing. We had done so much work all week; it was time for dancing fun! Made me miss all dancing friends!
One of 3 centerpiece designs.
Me with baby Micah. I love holding babies! And my hair looks cool too.
Me, Amy, Micah. He did so great. It was his first outing!
My event planning partner (boss, actually) and I having a final consultation. I made her jewelry :)

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