Spuds Favorite Foods: Part II

The fantastic cookbook that I wrote about in Part I has recipe variations for "feeling green." I would love to say that I've been trying them all and love them, but even cooking grosses me out right now! However, I'm noticing a pretty strong positive correlation between the amount of rest that I get and feeling better. Maybe with my new "one event per day" policy, I'll be rested enough to feel well enough to try cooking some more.

SIDE NOTE: "One Event per Day" is genius. This means, for people who work, that you can only do work each day. For me, it means teaching on Mondays, Babysitting one day, house cleaning one or two days, church on Sunday, social events... seriously limited! This policy may eventually suck my extroverted will to live, but we'll see. God has been so gracious to give me the opportunity to live this simply right now!

Anyway, here are some of Spud's favorite sickie-Mom foods:
  • Brown, whole grain, organic rice cooked in low-sodium V8 and chicken stock
    • good way to sneak in some "vegetables." If I'm up for it, I'll throw in some frozen broccoli or green beans. I even put cooked chicken in for a little protein the other day.
  • Gingerale
    • Sandy gave me the great tip to keep the lid off of it in the fridge so that the tummy-irritating carbonation goes out. Thankfully, I really like flat soda.
  • Frozen waffles
    • Every morning
  • Apples!
    • Don't know why, but I get the major jones for apples... sometimes with peanut butter
  • Yogurt
  • Plain baked chicken
  • Red juice
    • Cranberry, Pomegranate, Berry... you name it. It's red? Oh, I'll drink that.
  • Cheese sticks
  • Key Lime Pie
    • Can't explain it. I had a craving, I guess. It was $5. I consumed a quarter of it in one sitting... kind of made my tummy hurt... DUH!
So, to the vegetable loving me, this list is really sad. Everything is either a shade of beige or brown or pinkish red. OR, in the case of the key lime pie, lime green... thanks, food dye! Gross. Reading ahead in my library of pregnancy books a few weeks ago, I scoffed at the idea of being nauseated or turned off by vegetables. It's true, though! SO SAD! I'm going to try to get a salad down today. I feel like a simple carb-bloated mess. Complex carbs... I want complex carbs! And protein; thankfully, chicken doesn't make me sick.

Of course, I don't think the Spud is suffering nutritionally. I'm taking all my vitamins still: Cod Liver Oil, Iron, Folic Acid, and Calcium. Spud has a busy week! S/he is going to double in size! And, s/he sort of has a face now; it's still pretty weird looking... a face only a mother (and father!) could love ;). S/he's going to have little elbows by the end of the week! I'm so excited to see how s/he turns out!

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