Here We Go Again!

I'm pregnant! I don't think I've ever been so thankful for anything in my whole life! When the test finally pronounced "pregnant," I actually fell to the bathroom floor and with raised hands, hyperventilating lungs, and tearing eyes, I praised God.

We've told almost everyone we know. I had to: I told God over and over again that I would praise him and ask everyone else to do the same when he chose to give us another baby. Not to mention the fact that given what happened last time and the lessons I've learned about prayer as a result, I want everyone to be praying for Spud.

Yes, we're calling it Spud... in utero, at least. The last baby was called Speck because it was just that size. We've committed to an "SP" name for all unborn babies. However, no, we will not being doing matchy-matchy real names for all our kids once they're out here.

I really can't believe that God has given me another little one. The summer was such a roller coaster, and I'm relieved to feel like it's finally coasting to a stop. Of course, I realize that I just stepped onto another one. Who knows how this one will feel. So far, I've made it past hurdle #1. Last pregnancy, I started having bleeding problems 5 days after I found out I was pregnant. That day was yesterday, and I'm feeling fine!!!!

I did just start thyroid support meds today because my thyroid function is low. I also need to pick up an iron supplement. My progesterone looked normal on my blood work, and I'm extremely thankful for that. Last time, the progesterone was looking sort of low. But, we didn't know if that was causal in terms of the miscarriage or just an effect. At any rate, it was fine, so I'm on Cloud 9.

I'm going to try be good about updating now. I know people would like to read about how Spud is doing. When I start looking pregnant, pictures will be fun!

Here is one of me the day I found out about Spud, at the start of week 5:

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