Summer of Bummers 2007

I'm sad. One miscarriage + 4 dearest friends moving away for good + 1 dearest friend moving away for a little while + church stress + friendship stress = one sad jesky'bera

Good thing Jesus warned us that we'd have tribulations and know that we're not here to have a good time. Also, I know for sure that God is good all the time, even when summer is a mega-bummer. In fact, in the grand scheme I consider that our "light and momentary troubles" are really just that, light and momentary. I've been so hugely blessed. I love my husband, and he loves me. He and I both have great jobs (I actually have 3 little great jobs.) Not to mention, the Creator of the Universe has decided to include us in his plans and has saved from sins that we don't even know about yet even though we are absolutely unworthy of even his slightest notice.

I have hope. Hope is going to be my theme for the year. Not just ultimate hope in Christ (even though that's a HUGE part of it), but I also want to focus on hope that God cares about even my tiniest requests, needs, and deficiencies. I can even already see the ways that he is satisfying my every longing Christ right now. My sinful, sluggish soul is sometimes slow to catch on, though. I just have to remember that, at the core of it all, I've been asked to do 2 things: love God and love my neighbor. Of course, I'm going to suck at those, but I have Jesus love and power to use as my own. SO HOW ABOUT I START TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THAT!?!

Here We Go Again!

Can't Believe it...