For Bethany

Today's silly story...

We went to a neighborhood/church game night at the Scott's house with the kids. It was a fun time, and the kids did mostly great. Ivo had a few growling-at-people incidents (which we are working on), but they were lovely other than that. Eventually Ivo and Ezra wound up without shirts or shoes, but it was the Scott's house; so I wasn't bothered. I do think I scandalized one neighbor by allowing Ivo to eat a chip that had (gasp!) JUST DROPPED on the floor, and there was a moment when I heard "Ivo let's not look at that..." and something about chemicals. Hazel was a great baby. All par for the course...

We stayed, as we always do, about an hour longer than people with three young children ought to (really, lady! think of the bedtime!), but I was still in a good mood by the time we were getting out the door despite an overtired baby and a a 4 year old with a stomach ache. That's saying something! It wasn't really registering on my scale of things to worry about, but Ivo was making some weird monsteresque, coughing/growling sounds as we were saying our goodbyes and getting out the door. I figured he was just losing all self-control in the growling department as we inched further past his bedtime. Once everyone was buckled in the van, though, and Hazel started throwing a fit, I realized that he was actually making a gagging sound and grimacing. Hmm. "Do I choose to investigate this?.. Yeah, I think I have to... [out loud] Ivo why are you doing that?" "Because I eat that yucky soap" *shudder* "What yucky soap? at church today?" We had a soap mess episode in the nursery bathroom, so I figured maybe he still had soap on his shirt that made it into his mouth somehow. "No, in Auntie Bahbwa's" "THE CHEMICALS!?" "I don't know... GAG.... COUGH"

I then started to panic a bit, and Brendan took Ivo back in to see if they could identify what he had eaten. I sat in the van with a screaming Hazel while Ezra prayed, "Please God help them find the chemical that might make Ivo die, so he won't die." It took a while, so I was picturing them finding some terrible caustic chemical and forcing milk, or ipecac down his throat right away. Eventually they came out with this report: Gary had caught Ivo with the Bitter Apple spray for the dog. We assured Ezra that Ivo would not die, and I tried to suppress my laughter over the fact that my naughty child who has been told a THOUSAND times not to touch things that are not for him got Bitter Apple in his mouth which serves him right! (Although, I did still feel so sad for him and asked many follow-up questions to ensure his safety)

On the drive home, about half-way as Ezra was fading and Hazel was half-asleep, Ivo reports from the back of the van, "Ulllchhh.... still having the tasties..." I bet you are, son. I bet you are.

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