A little inspiration

After chatting with Beth today, I've decided on one pretty safe topic to blog about: our attempts at raw foods recipes. Brendan and I are both totally into it, and imagining the blog post will help inspire me to keep trying new things. Tonight, we made almond "milk." (Yes, you can write it "mylk," but that reminds me of the hippie trends I don't like... "wymyn-" that's all I'm gonna write.)

So, pics, recipe, and opinions soon to come!

Other topics I'm considering:
Why yoga is not just "ok," but GOOD for Christians...
My own bloopers reel (with the spazzy children I have- you can only imagine!)
Laundry date night: best relationship invention ever

Off to stir my chia seed pudding (oh, yeah! Get REALLY excited!!!)

Almond Milk

6th Day Speech