We finally did some gardening. I've been dreaming of gardening at this house ever since we moved in, but last year I was too busy growing Ivo to do it. As I hacked at the weeds and blackberry root brains, all I could think about was sin in my heart. I imagined God doing the hard work of yanking all that stuff out. I thought about how He removes branches that don't produce fruit. I imagined my little seedlings getting choked out by the weeds and seed falling on rocky soil. Never having gardened as an adult, it was truly a joy to experience the beautiful object lesson that it is. Time after time Jesus (and Paul and the other disciples) speaks in organic, botanical terms about our hearts, the Spirit, his words, and his kingdom.

It. was. SO. COOL.

And, I even got a garden out of it. I wish I had "before" pictures... oy, what a mess!


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