On that note...

Here are some fun pictures of our kiddos from the last month or so.
Ezra no longer has plockies! He's been off them for the daytime since about Christmas but has had them for sleeping. They got thrown in the trash can after his birthday party. If you ask him where they are now, he'll say they're at the trash man's house (or in any trash truck we pass on the road. "Hey, that trash man take my plockies!") So far, he's done great :)

A couple from the b-day party. We'll TRY to post a couple videos later


My cuties. Ez likes to have his diaper changed with Ivo

Fourth of July was rainy but fun... especially since the Richards were there. Ez and Sam can hit a pretty good stride sometimes, and they did great that night.

My favorite photo shoot with Ez of his life so far. He wanted to run in his socks in the rain. I said, "ok!"

Ivo and one of his many baby friends :)

These are from my first solo zoo trip with the boys... OY! But, Ivo looked like this, so it wasn't that bad!

A birthday party with some of his favorites!

(he was so tired afterward, he fell asleep mid-snack on the way home)
I just know that someday we'll look back on this photo when someone is getting married... I hope we will!

sorry, duplicate

Helmet for the burley
Trying to cut wiggle-worm's hair required popcorn and "Cars"

Guidebook for a Decade

Just Gotta Tell Ya