First of all...I have fuscia highlights! I've ALWAYS (since like 13y.o.) wanted to have my hair dyed some crazy color. I couldn't as a kid b/c of ballet (and maybe my mom...), then I was dancing here in Seattle and still couldn't. Then, I went to business school and felt it would be out of place there too. Well, none of that is in the way now, and Ezra's not old enough to be embarrassed of me yet. SO, I did it! I wanted to do my whole head, but I didn't want to scare Ezra, and this style will grow out very nicely. Everyone should check out my stylist, Harmony, if you ever need a new one! She is so great- gives great advice, is professional, and does what she says she's going to do! And she's my new friend :)

the back
the big chunk
the first day
and, yes, Ezra likes it!

Ezzie Antics
with oatmeal fangs. this happened accidentally, and I think it's the funniest thing I've seen all year

doing chores again

Our Trip
Back home with Daddy. We missed him so much, and it was really hard to be apart!

Denver Airport. Ezra was GREAT on all the flights
Amarillo airport
Sad to leave each other before going to the airport
Ezra bug hunting while we waited out in front of the Big 5 store because...
the keys were locked in the car. It was pretty funny.
Sorry for the sideways-ness. In an outfit from Grandma Laura with Grandma Debbie
One of many stroller naps in cousin Micah's old ride
the beginnings of the crawling (I'll try to get video up soon! I'm just inept, and Brendan and I have to do it together)
untying laces
The GIANT Chuckanucka at the Fireworks at SeaTac. Ezzie, as you can see, was too tired to care much
"They let ME through security?" Oh, yeah, dumb story: they made me take Ezra's shoes off of him at the amarillo security line. Yeah, gotta watch out for those crazy babies and their shoe bombs...
Oatmeal from matching zebra bowls... and putting oatmeal in mommy's eye while she tries to take a picture!
before the sorting project began

OK- there you go! When I deliver, I deliver!

Enjoying Eating