Crib Antics and Motor Skills
My little Spudkin has morphed into such a big boy lately. I know that he's still just a baby in many ways, but truly- he's a different baby! He'll be crawling any day now. He can go backwards, but he can only sometimes figure out how to do this funny little leapfrog move forward. He stimeys himself by wanting to have at least one foot on the floor like he's going to stand. Today after his afternoon nap, I came in to find him sitting up! The result: Brendan lowered the mattress to the lowest setting this evening... from sitting he can pull himself to standing, and I can see him thinking about climbing out!

Look at what I can do!!!

Roadtrip Attempt
While completely worth it for adults and even Stella, my 7 month old was wondering why we had to be in the car for almost 4 hours total just to have a picnic on Daddy's President's Day off. Deception Pass was beautiful as always but especially on the sparkling, sunny day we had. It was quite chilly... sort of forgot that it's FEBRUARY! We had a fun time with the Hays, but poor Ezra's crying in the car made for a rather harrying day for his mother.

our picnic site

Daddy and Ezra in a rare moment of smiling in the van for Ez. To his credit, Ezzie did have a cold, and he was also potentially still dealing with a strong gastroenterologic response to spinach :(. I would have cried too!
smiling in the chilly beauty
Daddys and kiddos explore the beach

Ezra's Day
Until recently, Ezra has been happy to lounge about while mommy does her housework...
but from about the time he got his first goose-egg on his head from trying to do everything grownups do (like stand!)...
he's been more and more interested in taking over the chores!
sweeping (he also helped me swiffer the bedrooms, but I failed to photograph it)
and, his favorite, folding laundry

Folding laundry with Ezra in my sunny afternoon bedroom has been quite the stay-at-home mom pleasure of late

New Living Room Design
Ezra seems to really love the new furniture. He can easily stand up to the back of the couch and watch the cars go by. He also loves if one of hides on the floor while he plays "Where's Ezra?" (peek-a-bo) over the side of the couch like this...

I'm loving the new furniture too! And my "mood lighting," as Blythe called it :)

Sippy Cup
Ezzie loves the sippy cup. I wish I could capture the Napoleon Dynamite style with which he throws his head back to get a drink from the cup. He really could be in one of those old Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercials where she tosses a can of pepsi back. In my attempts to capture it once, he tossed himself over backwards so hard that I caught his surprise in this photo (check out those eyebrows!)...


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