My latest craft, a taggie for Ezra. I used the ribbons from his shower gifts and added a snap feature :)

Alright, here are just a few fun pictures. This has actually been quite a busy week for some reason. It involved our first nighttime date in 6 months (thanks Riberas!), an exploding pyrex dish (yes, again!), an accidental trip downtown on the express bus, "babysitting" Alaythia (actually just hanging out while her mom tried desperately to get some work done), and I don't even remember what else!

The week began with the surprise realization that daddy didn't have to go to work. WOO HOO! Here we are "sleeping in" together.

Ezzie has been enjoying his exersaucer! Thanks, Hainjes! They've really been our hook-up with this kid, as Ez sleeps in a formerly Hainje crib too.
Brown rice!
The official first meal of sweet potato. It was quite the event for Ezra's semi-annual. Chad and Lauren joined us, and we all ate sweet potato. The grownups, of course, also had Trophy cupcakes

Ezra using the "taggie" I made for him as a sling shot :)

Another Day of Reflection