6 Months

I don't have pictures on this computer, so this will be a purely textual post. Sorry about that. Like I always say, I'll try for pictures later :)

I have been thinking to myself about a hundred times a day, "I can't believe that my baby is so wonderful." He's just so much fun, and I can already see so many aspects of his personality emerging. He's observant, thoughtful, independent, ENERGETIC, and he has a great sense of humor. I still can't wrap my brain around that fact that my life is truly and forever changed. Just like getting married, but even more intense actually, a piece of my heart will now always be outside of my body and, in many, many ways, out of my control. I trust, though, that the same God who who controls that whole cosmos can take care of that little chunk of my heart. Ezra is a lovely, joyful child. I can't believe that God has been so good to me. Honestly, I was ready for whatever would come and would love him just the same. I think I was prepared, and even expected, to have a child with difficulties or problems, so I'm still shocked that he's so perfect (well, I know he's not perfect, but you know what I mean). He's definitely perfect for me.

Sometimes I feel like my birth was just yesterday, but then it feels like it was a hundred years ago. Ezra is such a natural part of the flow of my life and days now. The sharp edge of the birth experience has now completely worn away, so that's nice. All of the sudden, all these things that felt so far off are upon me: solid food, baby proofing, bigger carseat, bigger stroller, exersaucers... the list goes on! I'm finally able to really savor the phase Ezzie is in right now because I'm beginning to see how fast it really does fly by. At the same time, I sometimes get exhausted just thinking about how much further there is to go... and he's only the first one!

Happy Semi-Annual, Ezrap!


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