Sorry I'm SO LAME

It's been busy! We've been in Texas for just over a week, and we have 2 to go. It has been fabulous. Ezzie can sit on his own now and almost rolls from back to front. He also babbles and squeals like crazy! I LOVE having my family around us, and I'm not looking forward to going home. Although, I do love Seattle, and I miss my church and friends. Still, mom, dad, sister and Skeeter (the dog) are awfully magnetic. Don't worry, I still really can't stand Amarillo ;)

Ezzie and I reading the great book that Whitney wrote, illustrated, and constructed especially for Ezra. Ezzie loves his Aunt Whit and she is GREAT with him

This is the rocking chair my mom used to rock me 25 years ago :)

Gotta love baths in a giant kitchen sink

Being festive

Ezra meets Grammy, his great grandmother

Ezzie and Poppy (my dad)

Ezra looking drunk with his Grandma Debbie

This is how we looked after a nearly 1.5 hour long drive to the airport in the snow, a 5 hour delay at SeaTac, a missed flight to Amarillo, a walk in 20 degree weather to an Albuquerqe hotel at 11pm, a 7 am flight to Dallas, and a miraculous bump to an earlier Amarillo flight which saved us another 4 hour delay at Love Field... I think we look pretty good considering all that!
One last note- Ezra was a GEM throuout our hellacious day(s) of travel. My favorite moment: Flight Attendant- "Aw, he's SO cute. What's his name?" Me- "Ezra" Flight Attendant- "Ezrap?" Me- "No"
I'll have to tell you the bakery story later...

Bakery Story and More Pics

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