A Photo Smorgasborg!

I have been excited about posting all of these!


Even in the tub, Ezra can't resist sucking his toes!

Ezzie and I go on lots of little walks in the neighborhood. I need to get an umbrella; today we almost were seriously caught in the rain. I let Ez get sprinkled - he is a Seattle kid, after all! However, I don't want him getting soaked; that'd be downright negligent ;)

Waking Daddy up on Sunday morning. (Sweater vest courtesy of Auntie Nurse Brenna!)
Umm... Just something adorable. We were laughing so hard. It was as though Ezra knew that he looked silly with that shirt on his head, so he was being such a ham!

Watching TV with Chuckanucka. And, NO, I don't need your comments about the fact that he's already watching TV... unless their non-judgmental :) He doesn't watch too much; don't worry!
Trying to consume his entire hand; this teething thing has him practically rabid for fingers and toes.

For Halloween... oh, sorry... Reformation Day, we wore clever, but slacker, "costumes." We were 3 of the 5 "solas," tenets of Martin Luther's theology. Kristen and Daniel were the other two (in our imaginations) at the Reformation Day party our parish group had. Next year, when Ezra is a little bit more able to enjoy getting dressed up and seeing other kids, we are doing Halloween and trick-or-treating at U.Village! I don't like Christianized versions of Halloween celebrations, but that soap box speech is for another post...
(This picture is so funny because it looks like my arm is somehow coming out of Brendan!)

ready for another outing

this is one of Ezra's favorite new toys. he plays with it when he sits in the kitchen with me to watch me cook.

all bundled up and being sweet after a bath

Hope you enjoyed these!

I'm working on my getting my birth story all down on paper, so that will be a post soon!

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