Long time...

no write! Sorry 'bout that. Last week was wild and crazy.

Ezzie is doing fine now, but we had quite the scare as he had lost almost a pound when we checked him at his 4 month well-baby appt. He was 11lbs 3oz at 2 months, and he only weighed 10lbs 9oz at the 4 month. Long story, short: I don't make enough milk anymore; we're trying to figure out why. Ezra is now supplemented with formula (soy b/c we discovered that he's allergic to the cow kind) and has gained a TON of weight in a very short time. I'm pretty sure that he weighs over 12lbs now. He's the happiest baby EVER now that he's not "starving." And, yes, that is the word that was used. In fact, even Ezzie's little liver was functioning so poorly that he looked like a hepatitis patient (on paper) because his body had begun breaking down its own muscle for food. Ez will have an ultrasound and more blood work on Friday to make certain that nothing else is going on with his liver.

Meanwhile, I've been struck with God's mysterious goodness and have been thankful for the resiliency of babies! I have a lot of good pictures, and I think I can even use them to show his progressive, aggressive weight gain over the last week. I'll try to get some up tonight when Rib is home to watch Ez.

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