A Day in the Life of Ezzyraybera

First thing's first: tummy time

In the afternoon, mommy takes me to the park or somewhere else fun, if it's not too rainy.
Like mom, I find the swing to be a quite natural location for me.

We enjoy the sun whenever it's around!

I'm really used to the sling now. I almost never whine about it anymore :)
In the evening, DADDY'S HOME! I like to chew on him
"Oh, Dad, you look delicious..."

Love that Daddy

When Mom and Dad eat big people food, I'm fascinated and jealous!
"Can I have some, please?"

Around 7, it's time to get ready for bed. Here I am all snuggly after my bath.
Last thing I do (well, besides eating) is read some books! I can turn the pages by myself now!

Note from Mommy:
Yes, I know it's dorky to write from your child's perspective... but I just can't help it!


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