Beth's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Beth! Here are a few random silly memories...

Beth is my best friend, and I wish I was in Malawi to dance to the birthday song and have a rum and coke with her today. We lived together for the year (and some) before we were each married. Beth is the friend who is most like a sister. We can fight; we can disagree; we can understand each other's thoughts, even when they aren't spoken. I MISS HER!!!

Hopefully, Beth, you'll have a fabulous day there at ABC and will enjoy your first birthday with your son! So far, I can highly recommend being 25; it's a good age. You always say that you appreciate me because I'm honest and give it to you straight. Well, I'm pretty sure I learned a lot of that from you! I just love your whole ding, dang personality, and I can't wait for y'all to get back here.

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