Social Baby

I've discovered that Ezra is taking after mommy and seems to be extroverted! Or, at least, he's a curious baby who loves to be out and about :) As you'll see in pictures to come, he takes after his daddy quite a bit too.

We took Ezra to Seattle Center last Saturday to enjoy the GORGEOUS fall weather.

Here are some randomly interjected pictures displaying Ezra's newfound skill: toe grabbing! He puts them in his mouth and everything :)

What up? Baby in a hood


This is a picture of my new tummy technique for Ez. He loves doing tummy time if I just prop him up a little bit on a blanket. Then, he uses his arms. I think he's getting the hang of pushing himself up with his arms, so hopefully soon I'll be able to remove the blanket altogether.

Here he is taking after Brendan: he's keyboard obsessed! If you've yet to receive chat or email from Ezra, just wait; you will!

This is SUPER BABY! (with "Law and Order" in the background).

Playing on his train blanket from some friends in 'rillo.

This week was full of fun that I didn't get to take photograph.
Monday, we stayed home b/c mommy had a cold.
Tuesday we went to a new community mommies' group that meets up the block and learned that indeed Ezra has a TOOTH coming in! I didn't believe him, but sure enough there is a little nub pushing through. The nurse who facilitates the Tuesday group confirmed it for me. Later that day, we went to Paper Zone (which Ezra loved- so many colors!) and Pier 1 (throw pillows for $6!!!). I take Ezra out of the carseat every chance I get now. He has way more fun when I hold him stores so he can flirt and look at everything. He's grown up so much that he no longer pitches a giant fit when he gets in the seat! Thank God!
Wednesday we went to Baby Sing Along at the Seattle Holistic Center. That was a trip and a half!It was very hippy, but, ya know, I kind of like that stuff. There were a few moments of potential earth worship, but I kept Ezra straight by saying the truth in his ear! Icold really write a whole post about it. After that I took him to Brendan & Jessica park (known to some as The Secret Garden!). It was his first playground trip, and he wanted to touch everything. I put him in the sling and we swang (swinged?) together
Thursday we went to another moms' group, and we met the baby that Cindie delivered 2 days before Ez!
Today is a baby shower!
We are busy and having fun :)

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