If you've been reading my blog since before the cute pictures of Ezra started going up, you'll know that yoga was an important part of my preparation for Ezra's birth. Now that he's here, yoga is a part of my continued effort to re-knit my body back together. I've been taking Postnatal Yoga with Infant at the Seattle Holistic Center. I absolutely LOVE the class. I've only been twice, and already I am totally addicted. Ezra even seems to enjoy it. Today he didn't fuss at all (well, ok, a few times to let me know that there were some fellow babies crying). He likes to watch me do funny things with my enormous (from his perspective) body.

In general, I'm feeling very well recovered from the birth- both physically and mentally. Everyone told me that the rough memories would gloss over a bit, and that's finally started to happen. Going to this class is my first attempt since the birth to do something really restorative (aside from attending worship, of course) for myself. It has been wonderful to see how well I can already use my abs again! I also enjoy having time, albeit brief, to sit, breath, and sort of zone out. I know a lot of Christians have problems with yoga because of its spiritual aspects, but I like it for that reason. Of course, the difference for me is that I try to rest, be still, and think of the one true God whom I believe in and not some amorphous spirituality. Doing anything that can make me feel peaceful and rejuvenated is good right now for me and for Ezra too.

So, if anyone wants to join me, the class is on Thursdays at 11- details on the website. It's very easy yoga; a beginner could definitely hack it. The instructor is wonderful and sensitive to each woman's and baby's needs. My first class, she held Ezra for about half the time so that I could just focus and enjoy moving. Ezra was happier that way anyway!

High Maintenance!

Fun, Fun!